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A selection of recordings we've gathered from around the globe from the Juke Joints of New Orleans to the streets of Cuba and beyond.

Latest News


We are happy to announce partnerships with Royer Labs, Rycote and Grado. Royer makes some of the best microphones in the world and Rycote provides the crucial microphone wind, shock and handling solutions that make our mics shine in any environment. Grado makes one of a kind handcrafted headphones and phono cartridges that deliver sounds so pure you'd swear you're right there in the middle of the action. Their support is crucial in our quest to capture the rhythm beat from the streets of the world.

Put Some Swag In It: The West Powetlon Steppers

Melodius Thunk Productions had the rare opportunity to film and record the nationally renowned West Powelton Steppers Drum Line. We'd like to thank the Steppers for opening their homes, hearts and stories in the name of Zora Neale Hurston and positive art. The Steppers quickly showed the NEA group why their Philly sound has no compare. Can’t beat that free style and if you ain’t got the swag ya better ask somebody.

  • by Melodius Thunk
  • |
  • Oct 5, 2016

Melodius partners Kinomorfosis win film festivals

Melodius Thunk Productions is proud to partner with Kinomorfosis from Mexico City. Their most recent environmental documentary "Metamorphosis" (2016) has been making a splash at film festivals around the world, winning Best Film in the Ecology/Environmental category at Portland's International Environmental Film Festival, Best Cinematography of a Foreign Film Award at the Festival Internacional de Film Etnografic in Zlatna, Romania, official selection of the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in NYC among others.


  • by Melodius Thunk
  • |
  • Oct 1, 2016

Master Class at Drexel University

Melodius Thunk Productions’ Nelson Eubanks gave a master class on street parade field recording to Westphal College of Media Arts & Design for the Zora Neale Hurston NEA grant event. Melodius would like to thank Drexel University again for the opportunity to speak on the highs, lows, and dangers of field recording the great parades of our time from round the world and the unmatched rhythms that rise where culture becomes sound.

  • by Melodius Thunk
  • |
  • Sept 30, 2016

Masa helps open Blue Note Beijing

Melodius Thunk's lead sound engineer Masanori Yura has been in Beijing working on getting the Jazz club ready for its grand opening. Blue Note is a premier jazz club with locations in NYC, Milan, Hawaii, Tokyo, Nagoya and now Beijing.
Blue Note | Masa's Bio

  • by Melodius Thunk
  • |
  • Sept 4, 2016

Melodius Thunk heading to West Philly

We're proud to announce a collaboration with recent NEA grant recipient, Writers Room and West Philly's own West Powelto Steppers drumline. Writers Room is a partnership between Drexel University and the inner city neighborhoods of West Philadelphia. On 9/22 we will document a special Writers Room event, a parade featuring the Steppers, keynote speakers, and workshops. The event and the story we'll be telling celebrates the great field recorder and novelist Zora Neale Hurston and her search for unique voices told in their own rhythm.
Writers Room | West Powelton Steppers

  • by Melodius Thunk
  • |
  • Sept 3, 2016

Life and Death in the Big Easy

We're proud to announce Cheryl Gerber's new photography book, Life and Death in the Big Easy. The book has just hit the stores to critical acclaim. Melodius Thunk's photographer was born and raised in New Oreleans and has been taking photos of her beautiful city and the dazzlingly array of folks who make our city vibrant like no other for over 20 years. Her photography book about the big squeezy is beyond compare and makes for a wonder for the eyes.
Cheryl Gerber | Get the Book

  • by Melodius Thunk
  • |
  • November 24, 2015

Malta Scheffer Reading at Symphony Space, NYC

On Novermber 4th our audio engineer/writer Nelson Eubanks had one of his short stories, Malta Scheffer, read in NYC's Symphony Space by Brandon Dirden for Selected Shorts' series for Humans of New York. The packed house got a taste of uptown new york back in the 70's when the city was wild, inclusive, exclusive place with love, deception, novelty and possibility. Malta Scheffer will be broadcast live on the radio and available for podcast nationally on PRI on March 17, 2016.

  • by Melodius Thunk
  • |
  • November 4, 2015

Mark McGrain and Plunge meet Doctor Jazz

The group Plunge is from New Orleans and is considered one of the most successful new contributors to NO-jazz. Trombonist Mark McGrain is the hub around which a saxophonist, a drummer and a bass player form the band. For this album the group was supplemented with a Hammond organ player and two saxophonists. The solid NO-soil under the sound of Plunge is determined by sousaphone player Kirk Joseph (son of trombonist 'Frog' Joseph) and drummer Simon Lott. The grooves of these two fit so seamlessly into each other that the other musicians have to swing, whether they want it or not. Get Album

  • by Melodius Thunk
  • |
  • January 11, 2016

melodius thunk productions - our mission

Melodius Thunk began before the hurricane as a community project in the Crescent City by a small group of New Orleans artists hoping to record the Sunday Second Line Parades. Over the years we’ve grown as we’ve ventured round the world into other sonic communities filled with like minded folks enamored by the exhilarating sounds of music in the street. In our collective travels we’ve found beauty and wonder follow vibrant sound through dance, costumes and stories, with each sonic event presenting an occasion to showcase the unusual and spectacular. We immerse in the culture and then bring the full spectrum of rhythms to your eyes and ears in new ways through audio, video, still photography and the internet. We believe the great sonic waves of the world should be heard whether musicians are dancing, standing or walking. That musicians shouldn’t have to be wealthy, bow down, grovel, get up to their necks in debt to have a platform for their sound to be seen and heard and appreciated. We go out and find the music alive in it’s element in the streets of the musician’s homes where folks feel comfortable enough to do what they wanna, let go, sing along, have a time. Then we ask the musicians about their sound so they can tell us in their own words what makes their rhythms so magnificent. Our mission is to be a bridge between the music of the street and your eyes and ears by fully documenting both rising artists and master musicians playing authentic, unfiltered rhythms in the juke joints, the music festivals, their homes, their corners, their bars, in their fields, on their porches and then too, the very much under documented great moving parades and processions of our time.

our team

  • Nelson Eubanks

    Founder, Writer, Audio Engineer

  • Jamie Davidson

    Ethnographer and Performing Artist

  • Masanori Yura

    Audio Engineer

  • Mark McGrain

    Audio Engineer

  • Cheryl Gerber


  • Michelle L. Elmore


  • Leo Jesus

    Percussionist and Brasil Consultant

  • Evan Clayburg

    Filmmaker, Designer, Web Developer

  • Alejandro Cons

    Filmmaker, Editor, Colorist

  • Adrián Arce

    Filmmaker, Editor





consulting & sound design for venues

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