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Melodius Thunk began before the hurricane as a community project in the Crescent City by a small group of New Orleans artists hoping to record the Sunday 2nd Line Parades. Over the years we’ve grown as we’ve ventured round the world into other sonic communities filled with like minded folks enamored by the exhilarating sounds of music in the street. In our collective travels we’ve found beauty and wonder follow vibrant sound through dance, costumes and stories, with each sonic event presenting an occasion to showcase the unusual and spectacular.

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We are happy to announce partnerships with Royer Labs, Rycote and Grado. Royer makes some of the best microphones in the world and Rycote provides the crucial microphone wind, shock and handling solutions that make our mics shine in any environment. Grado makes one of a kind handcrafted headphones and phono cartridges that deliver sounds so pure you’d swear you’re right there in the middle of the action. Their support is crucial in our quest to capture the rhythm beat from the streets of the world.

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