Armando Oliviera Stadium


Among the many cheerleaders of Bahia, the most vibrant and organized is the BAMOR. Founded on August 12, 1978 by a group of students from Marist College, and forward Ze Augusto (also known as Joe Pouvinho) and Oscar.

From that day to this, BAMOR has grown: BAMOR has become the largest cheering section of the state of Bahia, and a reference point for those who go to Bahia football games. Everybody wants to be near the sound of BAMOR. Everyone does what is BAMOR so it’s nearly impossible to talk about the force of the crowd without mentioning BAMOR Bahia. With the motto “No one beats us in vibration”, the crowd BAMOR, according to President Jorge Alberto Santana, is always in constant renewal, among which stands out visual improvement, the cry of war and flags and flags.

The BAMOR today has over 7,000 partners. BAMOR is independent of the club, and gets new members every day. Jorge Santana, attributes the low number of members to a lack of a “culture of organized supporters,” in the people of Bahia, as the main obstacle for the crowd to become even bigger. He added that Salvador is a city that offers numerous leisure alternatives so often people would prefer to go bowling or to the cinema, than take a bus and travel 24 hours with the crowd to watch a game, and then of course, an image of BAMOR that causes fights and cheerleaders who can become violent.