The Parade of the Serpent Part 2

Melodius Thunk Productions
  • Location: Santiago de Cuba
  • Performer: Conga Los Hoyos
  • Track: The Parade of the Serpent Part 2

In the prestigious ultimate position of the Parade of the Serpent, Conga Los Hoyos warmed up their precision sound as they paused in front of the grandstand to pay their respects. In this excerpt they play Santiago folk tunes with all the crowd singing along and then slowly crank it up into their signature rhythm as they begin to roll into the coming night. The second part of this parade, where we follow Conga Los Hoyos exclusively, went on for four hours but in this time the band was only able to move three short blocks.

Everyone wants to be close to the power of the drums, the people slow down and lean in towards the beat, wiggling here and squeezing there through the crowd trying to get closer, and closer going slow, and slower dragging their feet as they shake their hips pressed up tight one body on top of the next everyone touching side to side in order to keep on feeling the release of that beat coursing through their spirit. This small cut from the parade gives you an idea of the machina that is the wonder of Conga Los Hoyos when they are deep in their groove.